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Seminars on Making Money

The temptation of quick and easy money can be hard to resist. You may get caught up in the excitement of a free seminar on money-making strategies and invest in programs, materials, or services. Most often, these investments turn out to be bogus. If it were as easy to make money as they make it sound, everyone would be doing it.

Consider these tips before you attend a seminar or make an investment:

  • Beware of “free” seminars that promise to teach you about an exciting new opportunity to make money. A free seminar is often used to get people to sign up for expensive but worthless training or to purchase overpriced equipment.
  • Watch out for seminars that offer few details but lots of promises. The presenters are likely to stress how easy the program will be and how much money you can earn.
  • Be aware that people paid by the seminar hosts may be sitting in the audience to help create excitement and to be the first to sign up for the program.
  • Be skeptical about earnings claims. Many seminars feature testimonials from people who claim they are earning “thousands per week” or a “six-figure income.” No one is making that much money from the program and the speakers may be paid to make such claims.
  • Before you invest, ask about the company’s refund policy and how much money it takes to qualify for the investment or sales opportunity. Get this information in writing. Keep in mind that you may never get back money you pay to a shady seminar operation.
  • Be wary of “scholarship” offers that claim to bring down the price of training. These are really designed to get more people to sign up for the program.
  • Don’t be pressured to purchase the training or to invest immediately. Good opportunities are not sold through high pressure tactics.
  • Investigate the business thoroughly. Talk to experienced business people and experts in the field before you invest any money.

We Can Help

If you have a complaint about a seminar on making money, contact us for help or call toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

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