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North Carolina Survivor Fund

Mission and Purpose

The North Carolina Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) has dedicated funds to support the therapeutic and emergency needs of victims/survivors who are notified of lab results from previously unsubmitted and untested sexual assault kits in the state of North Carolina through a SAKI Survivor Fund.

Examples of expenses the fund covers include:
o Individual, marriage, family, and/or group therapy.
o Prescription/OTC medications associated with treatment.
o Travel and lodging costs associated with court dates and meetings with law enforcement and district attorneys or covered treatment.

Notification or reminder of a past assault may cause re-traumatization, flashbacks or other symptoms that heighten post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other mental health issues. The purpose of the Survivor Fund is to provide financial assistance for those services which respond to the immediate needs of victims/survivors.

Please see below for an informative video on the Survivor Fund. 

Rules and Regulations


1. Primary Victim/Survivor: a victim/survivor who has been directly injured by alleged criminal conduct.
2. Secondary Victim/Survivor: a victim/survivor who is not a primary victim/survivor, but who has a relationship with the primary victim/survivor and was traumatically affected by the alleged criminal conduct that occurred to the primary victim/survivor including an immediate family member of a victim/survivor, such as a spouse, parent, legal guardian, grandparent, child, sibling, or other person who the Fund committee ( See Survivor Fund Process Section ) determines has a significant relationship to the primary victim/survivor.
3. Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kit: any sexual assault kit received by law enforcement prior to 1/1/2018 that is connected to a reported sexual assault in North Carolina and was not originally submitted for testing.


A victim/survivor qualifies for the SAKI Survivor Fund if:

1. The victim/survivor was notified by law enforcement of their sexual assault kit lab results from cases prior to January 1, 2018.


2. The victim/survivor of a cold case sexual assault in North Carolina reengages law enforcement agencies, or other victim/survivor service provider to inquire about the status of their sexual assault kit.

• Secondary victims/survivors who are traumatically affected by the rape or sexual assault or the victim/survivor notification are eligible for the SAKI Survivor Fund.

• Victims/Survivors shall not be required to participate in the criminal justice system or cooperate with any criminal investigation/prosecution as a condition of being approved for the SAKI Survivor Fund. No victim/survivor behavior or alleged criminal activity shall affect eligibility for this Fund.

SAKI Survivor Fund Conditions

1. Payments will be made to third party providers directly for services and lodging. Applications shall be completed with the victim/survivor and a partnering agency (advocate or mental health provider) or with the SAKI Victim Advocate.

2. The partnering agency or SAKI Victim Advocate will need to provide information about the needs of the victim/survivor.

3. The application should include general description of the need, estimated costs, and payee information.

4. The Fund is available for immediate and short-term support. Long-term plans to support the victim/survivor maintain their emotional and physical health should be addressed by other means.

5. Applications will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

6. Misuse of funds will result in termination of award.

7. The Mental Health Provider (MHP) must provide justification for the need for additional services through an updated MHP Application.

8. The Fund does not cover inpatient services.

SAKI Funding does NOT:

1. Pay for mental health services completed by the victim/survivor prior to being notified of their case being re-opened for investigation or prior to the victim/survivor reengaging law enforcement agencies.

2. Pay for any interest, finance, or collection fees.

3. Pay for counseling costs in advance.

SAKI Survivor Fund Process

APPLICATION – Every victim/survivor, preferably with the assistance of an advocate or counselor, will need to complete the SAKI Survivor Fund Application. If the victim/survivor is requesting mental health services for themselves and/or secondary survivors, the mental health provider(s) will need to complete a Mental Health Provider Application prior to providing any services to the victims/survivors. All applications will be reviewed by a team from the Fund Committee, which will include the SAKI Site Coordinator, SAKI Sexual Assault Victim Policy Strategist, SAKI Sexual Assault Law Enforcement Strategist, SAKI Victim Advocate, a Mental Health Professional, and others as deemed appropriate. The team will determine approval and process all applications within 30 days of submission.

PAYMENT PROCESS – A SAKI point person will be assigned to review third party payment requests. Each request for payment will include a cover letter and supporting billing documentation. The SAKI staff person will review bills to ensure they are in compliance with the SAKI Fund Rules and the submitted application and then make determination of approval to pay. Upon approval, the request will be submitted to NCDOJ Financial Services by SAKI staff for final approval and payment. If during NCDOJ Financial Services review, it is determined that either an error occurred or further information is required, Financial Services may either reach out directly to the vendor and/or the SAKI staff person, whichever expedites the process.

If a payment request is not in compliance with the SAKI Fund Rules, the SAKI staff person will follow-up with the third-party payee or victim/survivor.

The Fund will not request restitution or reimbursement from civil lawsuits.

Provider Conditions

There are over 16,000 untested/unsubmitted sexual assault kits (in other words, 16,000 survivors) in the state of North Carolina that are currently being tested as mandated by the Attorney General in 2017. Being notified by law enforcement and/or advocates years, sometimes decades later, that their sexual assault kit has been tested, can understandably cause trauma to a survivor and their loved ones. The North Carolina Department of Justice is pleased to provide them the possibility of free counseling services via our Survivor Fund, which is funded through our federal DOJ SAKI Grant. Having to pay for these services out of pocket or through their own insurance is a burden that no survivor should have to endure. We invite you to help us provide this trauma-informed service by applying to be a 3rd party service provider. Once approved, you will need to submit monthly invoices and the NC DOJ will reimburse you the full amount requested within the maximum amounts listed below.

1. The Mental Health Provider (MHP) must possess a valid Professional License Number to perform therapeutic services. If the MHP is not fully licensed, they must be supervised by a licensed MHP. Student interns are not eligible providers.

2. The MHP must be able to identify specific training or knowledge in the treatment of trauma victim/survivors and describe their professional training/experience on the MHP application.

3. The MHP must complete the Mental Health Provider Application. This application will be submitted to the SAKI review team to ensure compliance with Fund Rules.

4. The Fund will not pay for supervision costs. The rates only apply to the individuals performing mental health services.

5. The following maximum amounts shall be payable for mental health services:

a. Up to $200 per session for individual and family therapy performed by a licensed psychiatrist and up to $100 per session for group therapy.

b. Up to $150 per session for individual and family therapy performed by a licensed psychologist or a licensed PhD level therapist and up to $75 per session for group therapy

c. Up to $120 per session for individual and family therapy performed by a licensed master’s level therapist or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and up to $50 per session for group therapy.


Victims/Survivors and Advocates, please complete this application for consideration. 

Mental Health Providers (MHP), please complete this application for consideration.


For questions related to the Survivor Fund Applications and for survivor support, please contact Cynthia Clark, SAKI Victim Advocate, at or (919) 716-6517.

For questions about invoices and billing, please contact Juliette Grimmett at or (919) 624-9575. Please note, all invoices should be emailed to Juliette Grimmett