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Crime Lab Customer Feedback

Laboratory Operations Survey

The Laboratory has concluded seeking feedback on its activities for 2023. Please return in August 2024 to provide feedback.

Expert Testimony Survey

Please use the following fields to provide feedback on testimony of Laboratory employees.

Crime Laboratory Testimony Feedback

Please use this form to provide feedback on scientific testimony provided by Forensic Scientists.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Was the demeanor and dress of the witness professional?
Did the witness appear to be prepared and organized?
Was the testimony presented in a calm and impartial manner?
Was the scientific nature of the testimony presented in a way that you could understand?
Was the scientific nature of the testimony presented in a way that the jury could understand?
Did the witness speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard by the judge/jury and the other court officials?
Did the witness present clear and accurate testimony that was responsive to the questions without volunteering unnecessary and unsolicited information?
Would you like to be contacted by Laboratory staff for clarification to any of the above resposes?