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Application Process

RULE .0406 – Applications for certification for Lateral Transfer/Reinstatements must include the same documentation as those applications for Probationary Certification. The complete package is now required.

RULE .0408 – This rule deals with the verification of records to the Division. Rule.0408 (a) requires that all substantiating paperwork be submitted to the Division along with the Report of Appointment form. However, note in .0408 (b) that:

  • Compliance with this Rule is waived, with the exception of firearms qualification if authorized to carry, for officers applying for dual certification as defined in 12 NCAC 10B .0103(12)
    provided that:

    • the officer holds a valid certification as either a deputy sheriff, detention officer, or telecommunicator with the employing agency requesting dual certification; and
    • the officer has not had a break in service since initial certification with the employing agency requesting dual certification.

Therefore, if an individual is employed by your agency as a deputy sheriff, detention officer, or telecommunicator, to appoint that individual in another capacity all that is required is the Report of Appointment Form (F-4)or Report of Appointment Form (F-4T), documentation of compliance with the Firearms Qualification Requirement (deputy sheriff and detention officer appointments ONLY) and the oath of office (deputy sheriff appointments ONLY).

In addition, even if the employee is not already employed with your agency, but has previously been certified under the Sheriffs’ Commission after August 2002, this rule provides that only a Background Investigation covering the time frame from the previous application to the present time is required.