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Paperwork Requirements for All Appointees

The following are the paperwork requirements for all appointees:

Report of Appointment

Form F-4 for deputy sheriffs and detention officers or Form F-4T for telecommunicators

This form is to be completed by the agency. The top portion of the form is information for the Sheriffs Standards Division, while the bottom portion can be used as a checklist by the agency to ensure paperwork requirements for all appointees has been submitted. This form must be signed and dated by both the applicant and the agency head or authorized representative. Please submit the original form and maintain a copy for your files.

Oath of Office

A copy must be submitted with all deputy sheriff appointment packages.

Firearms Qualification Requirement

Applicable for deputy sheriffs and detention officers only. Firearms qualification scores must be submitted with the appointment package if the deputy sheriff or detention officer is authorized to carry a weapon, and these scores must be dated within one year of the date of the oath of office (deputy sheriffs) or actual date of appointment (detention officers); or, the applicant may be placed in an unauthorized to carry a weapon status. Firearms is not applicable for telecommunicators.

Satisfaction of this requirement must show:

  • Day and night handgun qualification (including the mandatory use of the flashlight at the five-yard line;
  • Day and night shotgun qualification (for officers who are authorized to carry a shotgun); and
  • Day and night combat course of fire; and
  • Officers who are also authorized to carry rifles, automatic weapons, or off-duty handguns are required to qualify with those weapons.

There is a mandated qualification form on which an individuals qualification records should be recorded.

The Sheriffs’ Commission rules still allow for the use of duty-type ammunition. For individuals who are transferring from another law enforcement agency to your agency, the Sheriff may continue to opt to accept firearms scores from the prior agency provided they are not over one year old from the individuals date of appointment with your agency. But, if those scores are more than one year old, or if the Sheriff will not accept the prior agency scores, then the qualifications submitted with the application for certification must meet this new standard.

Medical History Statement (Form F-1)

Must be completed, signed, and dated by the applicant and also reviewed, signed, and dated by the physician, physicians assistant, or nurse practitioner conducting the medical examination. The form must be dated within one year of the date of employment.

Medical Examination Report (Form F-2)

This form must also be completed by a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner and must also be dated within one year of the date of employment. The medical professional(s) conducting the examinations must be given a copy of the Implementation Manual for Medical Screening Guidelines for the Certification of Justice Officers in North Carolina. This guideline includes the Telecommunicator Certification Course Objectives that probationary telecommunicators will be required to meet, and includes those essential job tasks that an entry level deputy sheriff and detention officer are likely to perform.

Negative Drug Screen Results

A copy of the applicant’s drug screen results should be submitted. Those results must be dated within 60 days of the applicant’s date of employment. See the The Implementation Guide for Drug Screening Through Urinalysis for North Carolina Justice Officers.

Personal History Statement (Form F-3)

This form must be completed by the applicant and properly notarized. This form is valid for 120 days from the date of employment.


Note the following can be used to enter additional work history or charges if needed:

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Rule .0302 states what is acceptable as documentation of this educational requirement:

  • Each applicant shall furnish documentary evidence of high school, college or university graduation to the employing agency. Documentary evidence of high school graduation consists of diplomas or transcripts from public schools or approved private schools which meet standards approved by either the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the Division of Non-Public Instruction, or a comparable out-of-state agency. Documentary evidence of college or university graduation consists of diplomas or transcripts from colleges or universities accredited as such by the Department of Education of the state in which the institution is located, a national or regional accrediting body, or the state university of the state in which the institution is located.
  • High School Diplomas earned through home school programs must be accompanied by a true and accurate or certified transcript and must meet the requirements of Part 3 of Article 39 of Chapter 115C of the North Carolina General Statutes, or a comparable out-of-state agency.
  • Diplomas earned from High Schools outside of the United States must be translated into English and be accompanied by an authenticated transcript. Transcripts reflecting curriculum requirements not scholastically comparable to those in the United State shall not be acceptable.
  • High School diplomas earned through correspondence courses are not recognized toward the minimum educational requirements.
  • Documentary evidence of having passed the General Educational Development Test (GED) shall be satisfied by a certified copy of GED test results or by a copy of the applicant’s GED diploma.
  • Documentary evidence of the attainment of satisfactory scores on any military high school equivalency examination is acceptable as evidence of high school graduation if verified by a true copy of the veteran’s DD214.

Background Investigation Summary F-8

 .0305 – Whereas in the past, the Background Summary form has only been recommended; effective Aug. 1, 2002, the Commission has adopted a mandated Background Investigation Form with accompanying documentation.The rules require that the background investigator sign a statement certifying that the results of the background investigation are consistent with the information provided by the applicant on the Personal History Statement.Please note that this requires the background investigator to compare the applicants responses on the F-3 to the results of the background investigation. If discrepancies are noted, the applicant should be afforded an opportunity to update the F-3 prior to the submission of the application to the Division. This is especially important where the reporting of criminal history records is at issue.If any charges are revealed on the Personal History Statement, the clerk of court records check, or the background investigation, the department must submit with the application certified copies of the actual charging instrument (warrant, citation, magistrate’s order, criminal summons) and disposition. Where the actual charging instrument is unavailable, please have the agency performing the record search note that on their response.

Clerk of Court Records Check

The agency must also provide the following: a statewide search of the AOC records, NCIC records, NCDMV records (if the applicant has ever possessed an NC drivers license), out-of-state motor vehicle records (if the applicant has ever been issued a drivers license in another state); and certified, county-wide records checks from each jurisdiction where the applicant has resided for the past 10 years and where he/she attended high school. All records checks must reference each name by which the applicant has ever been known.

The agency is also responsible for clearly explaining any and all charges that may result from the required records checks that do not pertain to the applicant. The hiring agency is also required to perform a record check of your own agency records and if that reveals any charges, to submit documentation. Release Authorization Form Submission of the Release Authorization form is required.