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Task Force Roster and Structure

To successfully implement TREC’s recommendations, we have organized ourselves into six, strategy-oriented committees. See committee structure and roster details below: 

To view the assignments of recommendations to the committees, please click here.

For a compilation of Task Force email correspondence, please click here.


The Honorable Anita S. Earls
Associate Justice, Supreme Court of
North Carolina

Eddie Buffaloe, Jr.
Secretary, North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Judicial Committee

The Honorable Alan Thornburg
Superior Court Judge, Buncombe County

Ms. Nisha Williams
Legal Director, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Professor April Dawson
Associate Dean of Technology and Innovation and Professor of Law, NCCU School of Law
The Honorable Regina R. Parker
Chief District Court Judge, Second Judicial District
The Honorable Jeffrey Nieman
District Attorney, Prosecutorial District 15B

Ms. Emily Coward
Director, Inclusive Juries Project, Duke University School of Law


Legislative Committee

The Honorable Marcia H. Morey
North Carolina House of Representatives

The Honorable Mujtaba A. Mohammed
North Carolina Senate
Sheriff Clarence Birkhead
Sheriff, Durham County
Chief Johnny Jennings
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department


Local Policy Committee

The Honorable Josh Stein
Attorney General, North Carolina

The Honorable Mike Hawkins
Former Transylvania County Commissioner

The Honorable Kim Scott
District Attorney, Prosecutorial District 7

Ms. Deborah Dicks Maxwell
President, North Carolina NAACP, New Hanover NAACP
Ms. Tracie Campbell
Senior Health Manager, Office of Violence Prevention, Mecklenburg County Public Health
The Honorable Preston Blakely
Mayor, Fletcher


Ms. Angela Bryant
Assistant Secretary of Equity and Inclusion, NC Department of Health and Human Services
Lieutenant Billy Gartin
Raleigh Police Department

Mr. Henderson Hill
Senior Counsel, ACLU Capital Punishment Project
Mr. Jeff Smythe
Director, NC Criminal Justice Standards Division
Mr. Kerwin Pittman
Founder, Recidivism Reduction Educational Program Services
The Honorable Quentin Miller
Sheriff, Buncombe County

Mr. Jamie Markham
Senior Policy Advisor, North Carolina Department of Adult Correction

Mr. Talley Wells
Executive Director, NC Council on Developmental Disabilities