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  • All Other Complaints:(877)-5-NO-SCAM
  • Outside NC:919-716-6000

Category: Columns

3/15/2018 Attorney General Josh SteinWe all get busy during tax season – and that includes the thieves who specialize in taking your money. While you’re working to get all of your information in order to file your taxes, it’s important to be on the lookout for scams designed to get your personal information or rob […]

2/9/2018 By Attorney General Josh Stein This Valentine’s Day, take care not to have your heart broken and your bank account emptied. One of the most common frauds my office sees is the sweetheart scam, when scammers manipulate victims’ romantic feelings to rob them of their money. In 2017, my office received 74 reports of sweetheart […]

1/1/2018 Attorney General Josh Stein Are you thinking about getting in shape for 2018? Getting healthier is a great resolution to make, and fitness studios and gyms always see higher enrollment at the beginning of the year.But be careful that your fitness motivations aren’t leading you to make financial decisions that will see the numbers […]

12/1/2017 Attorney General Josh SteinOne of my favorite things about the holiday season is how North Carolinians’ generosity extends beyond their own families to reach neighbors in need. However, there are some who view the holidays not as a time of giving but as a time for taking—taking advantage of your generosity and taking your […]

5/31/2017 Attorney General Josh SteinImagine you are buying a new home.You have a lot of questions.How much do I need to borrow? What is the interest rate? What will my monthly payments be? Is my home a good investment?Student loans should be no different. College is a great investment, but it can also be an […]

4/11/2017 Attorney General Josh SteinAll North Carolinians know that April brings springtime, the NCAA National Championship—and tax time. But you may not realize that April also brings out crooks who set up tax scams designed to steal your money and personal information.As Attorney General, my top priority is to protect the people of North Carolina. […]

4/3/2017 By Attorney General Josh SteinWhat do you think is the largest cause of accidental death in North Carolina? Car accidents? Violent crimes? Falls?Today, for the first time ever, it’s actually accidental drug overdoses.More people die in North Carolina of an accidental drug overdose – usually an opioid – than any other cause of accidental […]