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Attorney General Josh Stein March 2020 Reports of the coronavirus are on the rise across the globe and even here in North Carolina. Unfortunately, a situation that creates fear also creates an opportunity for scammers. Let’s not only prevent the spread of the virus, let’s also prevent our loved ones from falling victim to scams. […]

Attorney General Josh Stein February 2020 Last year, my office received 1,249 complaints from North Carolinians who had lost nearly $4.5 million through elder fraud. Scammers will often target older adults because they may be more vulnerable to the tactics used to frighten them out of their hard-earned money. That’s why this month, I launched […]

Attorney General Josh Stein January 2020 Earlier this month, the Durham Housing Authority relocated about 270 families from McDougald Terrace, a Durham public housing complex, after inspections indicated elevated carbon monoxide levels in appliances. As a result, concerned community members have worked to raise funds for residents who had to temporarily relocate and deal with […]

Attorney General Josh Stein December 2019  There’s nothing more important than keeping our children safe, regardless of where they are. As we close out this year, I’m incredibly proud that the SAFE Child Act went into effect this month. The North Carolina General Assembly unanimously passed this legislation, which my office drafted and Gov. Roy […]

Attorney General Josh Stein November 2019 As Attorney General, protecting North Carolinians is my top priority. My dedicated colleagues at the North Carolina Department of Justice and I have been hard at work in 2019 to protect the people in our state. And as Thanksgiving approaches, here’s what I’m grateful for this year: North Carolina […]

Attorney General Josh Stein October 2019 So far this year in North Carolina, a staggering 44 people have died in domestic violence homicides. When our communities tragically lose someone to this kind of violence, we often ask ourselves what we could have done to prevent their death. This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I’m proud that […]

Published: September 16, 2019 Attorney General Josh Stein September 2019 If you own a phone, you’ve probably been annoyed by unending robocalls. When I travel across our state, this is the number one concern people share with me. We’re receiving spam calls at all hours of the day, on our cell phones and our landlines. […]

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8/15/2019 Attorney General Josh Stein August 2019 In July, I reached a $600 million settlement with the credit bureau Equifax over its 2017 data breach. It was the largest ever breach of consumer data, affecting more than 5.3 million North Carolinians and more than 147 million Americans. Shortly after the breach, I joined the executive […]

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