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Category: Columns

September 2023 Protecting the people of North Carolina must be job one for the people who serve our state. It certainly is for the men and women in law enforcement who keep our communities safe each day. But law enforcement agencies across the state are facing significant staff shortages, and they’re struggling to hire and […]

August 2023 People all over North Carolina are grappling with higher prices. It’s one thing when input costs go up, but it’s another thing altogether when we find hidden fees tacked on to purchase after purchase – hotel bills, concert tickets, bank accounts, and so many others. Your hard-earned money is even more precious in […]

July 2023 North Carolina’s summer storms and scorching temperatures over the past few weeks are a reminder that we are in the swing of the hurricane season. Hurricane season lasts until November, and sadly, we’ve already seen tornadoes hit and damage Nash County. These disasters don’t just bring stormy skies – they bring scammers, too. […]

A ‘Thank You’ to North Carolina’s Teachers Attorney General Josh Stein May 2023 Ms. Dalton. Mr. Charles. Mr. Stuart. These are just three of the teachers who had an important impact on my life. Every one of us knows the impact teachers have as they pour encouragement, knowledge, and support into us and the students […]

April 2023 Online reviews can be a useful tool to help you decide what products to buy, companies to hire, or rental companies to sign with. When products or services are highly reviewed, they’re more visible and you’re more likely to spend your money on them. But often, the reviews you’re reading weren’t written by […]

March 2023 Tax season is here, and that means it’s primetime for scammers looking to take advantage of hard-working North Carolinians. Each year, my office hears complaints from people fighting off scammers while filing their taxes. These scams put people’s money and identity at risk, but my office is here to help. Follow these tips […]

February 2023 On this Valentine’s Day, don’t let scammers steal your heart or your money. Making connections is on the front of our minds this time of year, but some bad actors seek financial gain by exploiting our basic human desires. Sweetheart scams are no joke. Last year, my office received 60 complaints about sweetheart […]

January 2023 Last month, people in North Carolina experienced dangerously cold temperatures. The freeze left thousands of people without power, some struggling to keep warm. Sadly, scammers look to leverage crises like that to take advantage of you. Watch out for common signs of scams and fraud to keep you and your family safe and […]

December 2022 For people across North Carolina, we are in the season of giving. But for others, it’s the season of stealing. Criminals use the holidays to take advantage of people’s goodwill to take their money and personal information. They target vulnerable people and use common holiday activities and stressors as a ploy to trick […]

November 2022 Each holiday season, people in North Carolina give generously in their communities through charitable donations. Unfortunately, my office sees an increase in charity scam complaints during the holidays. When you donate your money, you want to know that it will go to help others, not line some scammer’s pockets. Give to the charities […]