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Category: Columns

Steer Clear of Home Repair Scams this Summer Attorney General Josh Stein June 2022 Summers can be a great time to make home repairs and improvements. But this summer, contractors may need to raise their prices to keep up with higher costs from supply chain issues and worker shortages. Reliable and trustworthy contractors will raise […]

Scammers Target Consumers with Cryptocurrency Scams Attorney General Josh Stein May 2022 Scammers are always looking for what’s new and popular to strike the unsuspecting. Cryptocurrency is no exception. Scammers prey on people’s unfamiliarity with and excitement about this new product to trick victims into making a poor financial decision in a variety of different […]

Steer Clear of Scammers this Tax Season Attorney General Josh Stein March 2022 It’s tax season, which means scammers are out in full force looking to take advantage of hardworking North Carolinians. Each year, my office hears from North Carolinians struggling to file their taxes while fending off fraudsters. Tax scams put people’s money and […]

Give Your Heart a Break: Don’t Fall Victim to Sweetheart Scams Attorney General Josh Stein February 2022 This Valentine’s Day, make sure a scammer can’t break your heart or your bank account with a sweetheart scam. We all want to experience love and build relationships. But bad actors who want our money will prey on […]

Attorney General Josh Stein January 2022 If you have bills that are past due, you might be contacted by a debt collector. But don’t be fooled: scammers often impersonate debt collectors to try to convince people that they owe unpaid debts or try to scare or threaten people to collect on non-existent debt. Being contacted […]

‘Tis the season to not get scammed Attorney General Josh Stein December 2021 This December, you may be thinking about your holiday plans or finding the perfect gift for a loved one. As we embrace the joys of this season, make sure you don’t get Scrooged. Take precautions to protect yourself and your money from […]

Giving Back Without Getting Scammed Attorney General Josh Stein November 2021 At the end of the year and during the holidays, people are at their most generous. We spend time with loved ones, buy gifts for each other, and give back to our communities through charitable donations. Unfortunately, scammers know this and they come out […]

Attorney General Josh Stein October 2021 The pandemic has disrupted all or parts of three academic years for students. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of confusion about COVID-19 student loan policies and the possibility of debt forgiveness. During this stressful time for student loan borrowers, criminals are using your confusion and stress to try to […]

Attorney General Josh Stein September 2021 Over the past year and a half of this pandemic, we’ve all been more worried than ever about our loved ones’ health and safety. Unfortunately, at the same time, scammers are looking for ways to take our money. These criminals exploit fake familial bonds by tricking our grandparents and […]

Attorney General Josh Stein August 2021 The real estate market is booming in many North Carolina communities as many families move neighborhoods, towns, or states. We’re glad so many people want to live and work in our beautiful state, but moving can be stressful. Adding to that stress? Movers who lose your belongings, damage your […]