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Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornados can cause tremendous damage. While we can't always predict how natural disasters will impact our lives, there are some simple steps you can take now to get ready for the next disaster, and for the recovery/rebuilding that happens after.  

Read our tips to find out what North Carolina consumers can do to be prepared

The threat of hurricanes to our coast can interrupt vacation plans. Learn what your rights are as a consumer if this happens to you. 

When a state of emergency is declared in response to a natural disaster, North Carolina's law against price gouging goes into effect. Price gouging, or charging too much during a time of crisis, is against the law. File a price gouging complaint here

Picking up the pieces after a disaster can be difficult, especially when unscrupulous scammers prey on disaster victims.  Most businesses work hard to help their community in a time of need, but con artists often travel to areas that have been hit by a disaster to take advantage of consumers. Here are some common post-disaster scams to be aware of: 

Home repair/tree removal scams
Learn how to avoid con artists and find legitimate home repair  and tree removal help after a storm or other disaster.

Charity scams
Some scammers may take advantage of disasters to make pleas for donations. Be sure to research charities carefully before you donate, and protect your personal information when you do give. 

Insurance adjuster scams
After a disaster, scammers may pose as insurance adjusters to pressure you into paying for unneeded work or repairs. Confirm with your insurance company that they are legitimate employees. And remember that insurance adjusters are not building inspectors or engineers. Get a second opinion from a trusted expert before you decide to get any repairs done. 

We Can Help

If you’ve been the victim of a disaster-related scam,  file a complaint or call us toll-free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. Specialists will be taking your calls this weekend during the storm. We anticipate high call volumes, so please consider using the web form or leaving a message. Please know that we could be temporarily out of power, which would mean we’d be unable to take your call. The web form will be usable regardless of power outages.