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Minimum Training Standards: Detention Officers

Detention Officer Certification Course

The current Commission mandated Detention Officer Certification Course, as outlined in Rule .0601 of the Administrative Code, should contain a minimum of 172 hours of instruction. It is offered across the state by the NC Justice Academy, some Sheriffs’ Offices, and several community colleges.

The Rule includes the required topic areas and minimum hours of instruction for each topic. A full course of instruction must be administered to all Detention Officer Certification Course trainees. A change or expansion of a topic area in the course should not be made.

However, any local agency rules or standards may be delivered during the course to trainees, but may not be supported by the Commission for purposes of testing or certification.

Once a detention officer becomes employed as such with a sheriff’s department or district confinement facility, he/she is then placed on a probationary period for twelve (12) months. During the probationary period, the detention officer should complete a Detention Officer Certification Course. A detention officer that does not complete a course delivery during the probationary period will no longer be able to perform the duties of a detention officer. The Detention Officer Certification Course is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of administering the state examination. If an individual completes a course delivery and begins employment with an agency more than one (1) year from the administering of the state examination, the individual’s training would be considered invalid and he/she would be required to complete an additional course delivery.

Annual In-Service Training is also mandated for Detention Officers.