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NC DOJ Reaches Decision in Mark Meadows Investigation

For Immediate Release:
Friday, December 30, 2022

Contact: Nazneen Ahmed

(RALEIGH) The North Carolina Department of Justice today announced that there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges against Mark Meadows or his wife Debra Meadows for alleged voter fraud involving the 2020 election. Attorney General Josh Stein released the following statement:

“The State Bureau of Investigation conducted an extensive investigation into the fraud allegations against Mr. and Mrs. Meadows concerning their registration and voting in the 2020 elections. After a thorough review, my office has concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges against either of them in this matter.

“Mr. Meadows has made numerous unfounded, damaging allegations about voter fraud both before and after the 2020 election. In addition, in its referral to the United States Department of Justice, the bipartisan January 6th congressional committee named Mr. Meadows as a likely co-conspirator over his central role in the January 6th insurrection. This attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power represents one of the most significant assaults on our democracy in the 246-year history of our nation. The appropriate authorities will now fully vet these referrals. I urge federal prosecutors to hold accountable every single person who engaged in a conspiracy to put our democracy at risk.

“None of the matters involving January 6th, however, are relevant to the specific allegations of voter fraud concerning Mr. and Mrs. Meadows that were referred to my office for review. My office has concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt against either Mr. or Mrs. Meadows, so my office will not prosecute this case. If further information relevant to the allegations of voter fraud comes to light in any subsequent investigation or prosecution by authorities in other jurisdictions, we reserve the right to reopen this matter.”

A declination summary by career NC DOJ prosecutors explaining their recommendation can be found here.

Key facts that led to this decision include:

  1. Meadows was engaged in public service in Washington, DC, and therefore qualified for a residency exception pursuant to NCGS § 163-57(8).
  2. Meadows and his wife signed a year-long lease for the Scaly Mountain residence that was provided by their landlord.
  3. Cell phone records showed Mrs. Meadows was in and around Scaly Mountain in October of 2020.


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