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  • Robocall Hotline:(844)-8-NO-ROBO
  • All Other Complaints:(877)-5-NO-SCAM
  • Outside NC:919-716-6000
  • En Español:919-716-0058

Telephones & Telemarketing

If you have problems with your cell phone carrier or telephone company, read our tips to learn about your rights as a consumer and how to make sense of charges on your phone bill.

Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry to stop unwanted telemarketing calls and avoid telemarketing scams.

For more about dodging telemarketing scammers, watch Dialing for Dollars, an excerpt from our consumer protection video Standing Up, Fighting Back.

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We Can Help

If you’re a victim of a telemarketing scam or have a complaint about your cell phone or telephone company, contact us or call toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. We’ll work to stop wire transfers or bank drafts by the scammers and help you avoid future scams.

If the call appears to come from Canada or mentions Canada, also contact the Canadian telemarketing fraud task force Operation PhoneBusters at (888) 495-8501.

If you’ve signed up for the Do Not Call Registry but still get telemarketing calls, notify us. Your complaints help us take action against telemarketers who violate the law.