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Category: Columns

Attorney General Josh Stein June 2021 Hurricane season is here again – and while we’re thrilled with the season the Carolina Hurricanes have been having, we can all do without any tropical storms or hurricanes that may reach North Carolina this year. Unfortunately, experts are already predicting another above-average hurricane season. You can’t wait until […]

Attorney General Josh Stein May 2021 This year, the IRS and the North Carolina Department of Revenue have both extended the deadline for filing your income taxes to May 17. That gives you more time to file your taxes, but it also gives scammers more time to try to trick you into sending them your […]

Attorney General Josh Stein April 2021 More than 3 million North Carolinians are now fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. This is a remarkable step forward in our fight against the pandemic, and soon we can begin safely returning to our lives. But scammers have used the pandemic as an excuse to take advantage of […]

Attorney General Josh Stein March 2021 You’ve won big! That’s an attention-grabbing line, right? We all love to win prizes and money, but all too often, the lure of a prize is just a scam to take our money. You or someone you know may receive an email, letter, or phone call telling you you’ve […]

Attorney General Josh Stein February 2021 Valentine’s Day brings romance to the front of all of our minds, but it can also bring heartbreak. Please take a moment to educate yourself about sweetheart scams. People in our lives who are older or lonely – which many of us are in this pandemic – are particularly […]

Attorney General Josh Stein January 2021 Over the past few weeks, North Carolinians have begun receiving long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines. This is a significant milestone in our fight against the virus, and it means we’re one step closer to the end of this pandemic. But as always, scammers will appear out of the woodwork to take […]

Attorney General Josh Stein December 2020 In June, Gov. Roy Cooper established the Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice. I was honored when he asked Associate Justice Anita Earls and me to lead its work. Our charge was substantial: to identify ways to bring about meaningful change in the criminal justice system so […]

This editorial was originally published on on November 20, 2020.  By Attorney General Josh Stein When historians reflect on 2020, there will be plenty to characterize as unprecedented, out of the ordinary, and extreme. The North Carolina State Board of Elections’ approach to handling the election during a pandemic – despite histrionic partisan claims […]

Attorney General Josh Stein November 2020 2020 has been difficult, with challenges we could not have planned or anticipated this time last year. Many of us are facing real hardships – we are fighting for our health and the health of our loved ones, navigating economic burdens, and living with a great deal of uncertainty […]

Attorney General Josh Stein October 2020 Elections are already underway in North Carolina. Starting last month with absentee voting, continuing this month with in-person early voting, and ending on November 3, North Carolinians across the state are casting their ballots and participating in our democracy. As Attorney General, ensuring the integrity of elections in North […]