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The Attorney General may issue legal opinions to state agencies and officials. These opinions provide advice on legal matters. While these opinions do not have the full effect of law or court order, they provide the State’s interpretation of the legal question presented and should be complied with by State agencies and officials.

Requesting a Legal Opinion

The General Assembly, Governor, Auditor, Treasurer, or any other State officer may ask the Attorney General for an opinion (N.C.G.S. § 114-2(5)).

  • State officers may request opinions by writing to the Attorney General at the Attorney General’s Office, 9001 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-9001.
  • The Attorney General is not authorized to provide legal advice or give legal opinions to the public.

Legal Opinion Copies

  • Viewable/downloadable Attorney General opinions are available on this page approximately one week after issuance.
  • Copies of opinions prior to 1977 can be obtained free of charge by calling (919) 716-6400 or emailing the office.
  • Printed copies of opinions are also available at the NC Supreme Court Library and other law libraries across the state.

Legal Opinion Search


Date Title Statute Requestor
05/22/01 Revocation of Permit 143-215.108, 153A-357, 153A-362, Sawyer, Grover
05/15/01 Appointments to the State Board of Education; State Employees 115C-10, 116-7, Freeman, Franklin
05/09/01 School Nurse Referral of Students to Health Department 115C-81, 130A-135, 90-21.12, 90-21.5, Dawkins, Koy
05/08/01 Authority to Disclose Police Officer Misconduct Information 115C-321, 115D-29, 126-24, 153A-98, 16-36, 160A-168, Sink, Robert
03/21/01 Legal Qualifications of Landscape Architects to Design Street and Storm Water Drainage Systems 114-4.2G, 89A-1, 89A-2, 89A-4, 89A-8, 89C-2, 89C-23, 89C-25, 89C-3, Carter, Jerry
03/13/01 Disposition of Surplus State Property by a Council of Government N/A Goodwin, Wayne
03/11/01 Consolidation of the Gaston County Police Department with the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office 153A-76, Jenkins, Heath
03/06/01 Territorial Jurisdiction of Company Police Officers 160A-20.1, 160A-281, 160A-282, 17C-2, 74E-6, Hudson, G. Dewey
03/06/01 Authority of County to Impose Late Payment Penalty or Administrative Fee 105-272, 105-312, 105-330.4, 105-355, 105-360, 153A-121, 153A-146, 153A-149, Smith, Lloyd
02/16/01 Conflict of Interest; Legislators 120-104, 120-120, 120-88, 14-234, 14-236, Mitchell, Burley
02/08/01 Timing of Permit Requirement for Air Contaminant Sources 143-215.1, 143-215.108, Klimek, Alan
02/07/01 Territorial Jurisdiction of Company Police Agencies 106A-281, 74E-6, Hudson, G. Dewey
02/05/01 State Building Code; County Regulations Requiring Installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms 130A-39, 143-138, 153A-77, Sawyer, Grover
01/04/01 Freedom of Information Act 130A-304, 132-6, McLawhorn, Daniel
01/02/01 Congress’ Power to Require States to Enact Open Container Restrictions 20-138.7, Basnight, Marc
12/15/00 Funeral Service 90-210.25, Weisel, Michael
12/14/00 Length of Term of Office for Superior Court District 24C 163-9, 7A-41, Ferrell, Forest
11/17/00 Dual Office Holding 128-1, 128-1.1, 128-1.2, Sutton, Ronnie
11/01/00 Onslow County Hospital Authority; Appointment of Hospital Authority Commissioners 131E-18, 131E-21, 131E-22, 147-64.6, Bode, Robert
10/02/00 Purchase of Omitted Service-Eligibility to Receive Retirement Benefits Tax 128-21, 128-26, 143-166, 143-166.50, Karpinos, Ralph
09/20/00 Applicability of Watauga County Ordinances to UNC-TV Tower in Waauga County 153A-121, 153A-340, 153A-347, Hedrick, Jeffery
09/11/00 Investigate an Abuse Complaint Involving a Juvenile 131D-10.2, 131D-10.4, 7B-101, 7B-1501, 7B-302, Siler, Lowell
09/06/00 North Carolina Emergency Response Commission and Local Emergency Planning Committees 143-215.104, 143-291, 143-300.2, 143-300.6, 166A-14, Tolbert, Eric
07/20/00 Traffic Law Enforcement Statistics; Public Records 114-10, Dugdale, Joseph
06/30/00 Employment Referral Incentive Awards 126-18, Penny, Ronald
06/14/00 Powers of the NC Board of Massage and Bodywork 110-85, 115D-95, 12-3.1, 131E-100, 90-620, 90-621, 90-625, 90-626, 90-629, 90-631, Wilkins, Charles
06/14/00 Definition of Adequate 115D-32, 115D-33, 115D-34, Gasper, Ted
06/08/00 Sale of Undeveloped Real Property by Brunswick County Hospital Authority 131E-13, 131E-15, 131E-6, 153A-176, Edwards, Roger
06/07/00 Video Games or Video Poker Machines 14-295, 14-297, 14-304, 14-305, 14-306, 14-309, Soles, R.C.
06/05/00 Lose Control Lose Your License Legislation and Home Schools 20-11, Peterson, R. Glen
05/31/00 Competitive Bidding of Professional Services Contracts 136-28.1, 143-64.31, 143-64.32, Hill, Len
05/09/00 Lawfulness of Environmental Management Commission Members’ Offices and Actions of Commissions 128-6, 128-7, 143B-283, 143B-299, 143B-301.12, 143B-313.2, Holman, William
05/05/00 State Educational Assistance Authority; Power to Implement Institutional Student Loan Program 116-201, 116-203, 116-204, 116-208, 116-209.3, Brooks, Steven
04/17/00 Close Security Prison Construction 143-128, 143-129, 146-37, 148-37, High, Robert
04/14/00 Authority to Demand and Use Part of Public Facility as Voting Place 163-129, Crews, Angie
04/14/00 Defense of Officers and Directors of University-related Nonprofit Organizations 1-539.10, 143-300.2, 143-300.3, 55A-1-01, 55A-2-02, 55A-8-60, Steimer, William
04/12/00 Private Prisons 14-256.1, 15A-401, 15A-404, 15A-405, 160A-288, 160A-288.1, 162-35, 17E-8, 74E-2, 74E-6, Balance, Frank
04/10/00 Town of Highlands; Proposed Agreement for Condemnation of Bowery Road 136-44.1, 136-66.1, 136-66.3, 136-66.4, 160A-11, 160A-16, 160A-20.1, 160A-4, 160A-75, Coward, William
04/05/00 Powers of the Victims Compensation Commission and its Director 15B-10, 15B-11, Adams, A.A.
03/27/00 Imposition of Ad Valorem Taxes Upon Real Property 105-273, 105-278.1, 105-302, 105-312, 105-380, Marshall, Huey
03/21/00 Present-Use Valuation 105-277.3, 105-277.4, 105-283, Howard, Julia
03/21/00 Consequences of Proposed Amendments to Article 9 of UCC 104G-8, 143-291, 25-4-407, 25-9-407, Templeton, Franklin
03/14/00 Approval and Licensing of Massage and Bodywork Therapy Schools 115D-88, 115D-89, 115D-95, 115D-96, 115D-97, 90-625, 90-626, 90-629, 90-631, Hines, Clay
03/08/00 Proposed Acquisition of Rex Healthcare by the University of North Carolina Health Care System 116-37, 143-300.2, 143B-469.1, 55A-12-02, Blue, Daniel
03/07/00 Medical Staff Requirement for Births in Hospitals 131E-76, Kramer, Howard
03/06/00 Constitutionality of Requiring Payment of Use Tax 105-164.16, 105-164.6, 105-269.14, Allred, Cary
02/17/00 Authority of UNC Health Care System to Acquire Control of Rex Hospital 116-37, 126-5, Ehringhaus, Susan
02/09/00 Scope of Authority of Commissioner of Insurance 116B-1, 116B-2, 116B-51, 116B-53, 116B-56, 116B-59, 58-1-1, 58-2-60, 58-2-70, 58-63-50, Kolbe, Peter
01/14/00 Seizure of Vehicles for Offenses Involving Impaired Driving 20-28.3, 20-28.5, Inabinett, David
12/21/99 Increase in the Number of Commissioners 131E-16, 131E-18, Millar, William
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